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iSafeBox is your personal "Safe Box" for critical files and data on iPhone/iPad. iSafeBox protects your files, photos, contacts, passwords, and personal information using very secure encryption.

You can import files/photos from Photo Album, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, and other Apps. The protected files, photos, contacts, passwords and personal information are only accessible to you. You can also back up and restore critical data through the Sync Service. Supported features include:

  • Master password is required for accessing iSafeBox.
  • All files, photos, passwords, and personal information are encrypted and securely stored.
  • Import files and photos from Camera Roll, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, and other Apps.
  • Export files and photos to Camera Roll, iCloud, cloud drives, email, and other Apps.
  • Powerful file manager for your local files, including adding, sorting, renaming, deleting files/folders.
  • Keyword Search to quickly find your files, photos, and passwords.
  • Open supported files, including: PDF, Doc, Excel, PPT, image files, MP3, TXT, video files and more.
  • Open a file in another App.
  • Playback MP3 and videos.
  • Open in files.
  • Back up critical data through Sync Service. (Paid Version)
  • Sync critical data among different devices. (Paid Version)
  • Restore critical data from your backup. (Paid Version)
  • Export your files and photos.
  • Export your password and personal information.

With its simple interfaces, iSafeBox provides the easiest way to protect your critical files and data on iPhone and iPad.